Programming is more than bread and butter. It is a passion. My job as a developer/architect provides for my daily indulgence, java is my staple technology. My work revolves around Complex Event Processing, Service Oriented Architecture and Semantic Web, but it is scripting away on my unix box that satiates my craving. Lua is my latest muse. There's more on technology at my weblog.

I believe in FOSS. Even though emacs had been my editor and my IDE for a while, I came across the wonderful world of FOSS only through Ubuntu and has been an ardent supporter since. Of FOSS and all things FOSS. This is where I give back.

Someday I'll have my own comics strip running. The world I live in is a simple one, made up of simple people. The days are made up of not astonishing or bewildering incidents, but small interesting ones that leave a smile on your face mostly. Some leave you blue. I try to fit them into a three panel cartoon strip, you can find here.

Photography is a great excuse to go see the world. As a kid, I used to do a lot of pencil sketches. But colours beat me. The broken-yet-not-beaten artist in me finds solace in photography. I enjoy landscapes. It is challenging to lap up the beauty of nature into a small frame. There is nothing like a well thought off abstract, and portraits are not my cup of tea. Here's what I see.

Life, universe and everything. Douglas Adams is a genius, which makes Hitch Hiker's my favourite book. My favourite music is Pink Floyd. I love football and Hyderabadi Biryani too.