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A Kumaon nightfallWaiting"Heavens Ledge"good things ..Chair by the windowForest creekA treeThe tiger in the treesTomorrowHunterSkater birdsYonderColour my worldGood Morning OotyMisty ValleyBefore sunriseAfter sunsetGardens of HimalayaAhoy there!rorsaschby the mountainsmorning dewvalley of flowerstravellerDaughter of the mountainsBeach dayFloatingin the morning lightcold and nakedpalm fringed paradisegreen countrylooks like we made it..Front row seatsShed in the woodsturtles all the wayfleeting and the eternalVibrant1 in 1411decayHouse by the shoreCrazy moonThe tea countylooking backsharmileeàŽàŽàŽŸàŽ¶ àŽàµàŽ°àµàŽµàŽ¿àŽ²àŽŸàŽ°àµ àcozy on a rainy morningSunny side up!Clairvoyantexpecto patronumripples in the sanddisappearDandelibrown vine snakeneonon a misty morningNubrasecret of prayeras the river flowsazurewings to a dream"you got to look at the big picture"Lily and the tilapiaImagine a world without treesrequesting accessAn evening with the queenfill me upin a green green worldin the morning lightPortrait of a beginningtwilight zonecenter of my worldfour streams and a treerougeviolet suntwo storey flowerrelaxMirror to the skyparallel worldssunshinego green!summer coloursbarasinghagreen is goodfamily day outdawn of a new yearfly awaywish you a merry christmas!photographerdaybreak!The fire still burnsIn remembranceand i dont want the world to see meThe big smiley in the skyon a dark night, the stars shine brighterpigeonsWishing you a happy diwalitamaso ma jyotir gamayaMaster Mantisrice bowlgood morning!lightness of the momentunited colours of lifeirisintrudera touch of redignorancebutterflyghost shiphappy onamhappy :)dragon on a stickits the small things..restless heartsouth eastlets talkgracelet me colour your worldbroken landwestern ghatscoming back to lifehondaunder my treethe machinestarry nighta breakflamesBird houseChaos is losing sight of that one thingbig boys dont smilebindiyahwaterwayMaanpedaTravellerhalf empty or half full?Raindrops keep falling on my head..evolution"what do you want now?"The man behind the screenMrs RobinMr Robinwayside flowerThe horizon that was promisedMirror to the skyA working familyHope is a little bird waiting for Springhandle with careparde ke pichhesmile on her face, sparkle in her eyesdreamerScream for me Mumbai!!clockworkreflectionssleep with one eye openBuilding tomorrowtherea plenty for everyoneFingersPainter by the windowuntil next timeSkylinesunnyTranquilitywater bearera tune on the lipsget your motor runningHappy Diwalireeds at sunsetUnderwaterOptimus TinyAn autumn dreamA walk along the fenceradio debianTiny FallsBridge to nowhereforest fireuntil tomorrowRetiredOnashamsakalThe ant and the sugar flowerwheres my bus?loadupRock n RollGalaxy SportsHoly cow!preciousdark angelbaskingloveSuccessblue moonto take on the world,  by your side.the ironystrawberriesfading awaynilgirisits a colorful worldstaring at the sunthe witnessdragonchocolatepunktogether, we.spots :-)lightnessbottled inspirationmad rushwater colorspeeding byforbidden fruitthe wise oneking of good timestouch and goThe Awakened Onestarlettill next timeshadowsbread winnerscharcoal shoressuns falling down!evening blueshauntedthe fallHighway to heavenlilliesnectarway of the light